Need a special gift for the teenage model builder? How about the nostalgic hubby longing for a piece of Classic TV history? Get then the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space model kit by Moebius Models! Currently discounted by 36%! Large and intricate interior deatils set this new tooled kit apart from the Aurora recasts. 18 inches in diameter makes for a very nice sized replica.

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The Lost in Space crew had a number of means of transport available to them. First and foremost thogh, there was the nuclear-powered Jupiter 2 (originally named Gemini 12)spacecraft. Essentially a flying saucer with two internal levels. At the lower level was the "atomic engine" (which used "deutronium" for fuel), the crew accommodations, a kitchen, laboratory, and the space robot's recharging/storage station. The top level of the saucer housed the guidance system and the cryogenic tubes to allow the Robinson family and crew to survive thevast distances of interstellar travel. A fixed ladder and an elevator were used to traverse between decks. The Jupiter 2 maintained an artificial gravity for crew comfort and orientation.

Photo Courtesy Wikipedia. LOST IN SPACE -- On October 16, 1997, the Robinson Family takes off on the Jupiter 2 spacecraft for a journey to a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. Because of the length of the journey, they are all placed into a state of suspended animation.

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