Okay, for all us "wannabe" Writers of Science Fiction! My recommendation this Sunday is go give Mur Lafferty a listen! Especially her latest 'cast interview with Grammar Girl! She'll work out your 'who's and 'whom's. (No grading please!)

I Should Be Writing 2.0, ISBW #108 - Grammar Girl Interview

"At last, I’m finally getting the interview I did with Grammar Girl up!And that’s not all! Soon we’ll have an interview with Scott Sigler in a matter of days! And many more interviews this month! January is the month of the interview! * I’m trying out the snowflake method. * Promo: Antithesis, Book 1 * Interview with Grammar Girl (GG on Twitter)."

ISBW #108 - Grammar Girl Interview : I Should Be Writing 2.0
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