Taking a pause from the stories, "A Princess of Mars" and "Space Platform," I direct your attention to some resources I enjoy from the "writing" of SF perspective. So, if you are considering writing science fiction, here are a couple of resources for you:

If you're in the process of writing start with "Frequently Asked Questions Answered for Beginning Writers." This FAQ material was developed as a service to writers by members of GEnie's Science Fiction Roundtable, many of them professional writers and editors. Contributors include James Brunet, John C. Bunnell, Gregory Feeley, Larry Hammer, David M. Harris, Glenn Hauman, John E. Johnston III, Tappan King, Damon Knight, James D. Macdonald, Beth Meacham, Kevin O'Donnell Jr., Elizabeth Perry, Susan Shwartz, Martha Soukup, Judith Tarr and Mitch Wagner. It was compiled by Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury.

It is a resource linked through the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America site on the Articles About Writing page.

FAQ for Beginning Writers

A second resource I've found extremely helpful is hosted and developed by the writer, Jeffrey C. Carver. He is well known for his works: Eternity's End, one of the Star Rigger Universe series, and his latest Sunborn, Book 4 in The Chaos Chronicles series. (Information on his books is available at his website.)

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy is a course for aspiring young writers of all ages which he decided to offer it for free as a public service to young aspiring writers. It is self-paced and had its genesis in both an interactive TV program and and in-home study course on CD-ROM. While he aims it at middle and high school level aspiring authors, I found it especially helpful as an orientation to the process and thought provoking. Please check it out.

Thanks for your time. Our serialized stories will return tomorrow with Chapter 7 of "A Princess of Mars."


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