Hi, my name is John and I welcome you to Readings in Vintage Science Fiction! I've started this effort to share tidbits about science fiction (the written media) and to provide serialized classic science fiction stories from the past. Along the way, I will also review and point you to some sci-fi resources that I enjoy.

I've been a fan of the science fiction genre for as far back as I can remember. I went to a parochial grade school in the sixties and my mother used to volunteer her time at the library. During the summers I would help her with the inventory, but she usually caught me sitting on a roll away stool reading a book I had come across. Chances are it was a Tom Swift or Tom Swift, Jr novel about of one of his fascinating adventures!

Later I got into bigger names and books: Asimov, Clarke, Herbert, E.E. "Doc" Smith. The Foundation Trilogy, Rendezvous with Rama, Dune, the "Lensman" series. But then in the seventies and eighties Star Trek novels started hitting the stands on a regular basis and, being partial to space opera, I bought everyone I could get my hands on. Yes, even Spock Must Die!, by James Blish!

And, lest I forget, the "pulp" stories from Astounding, Amazing, Analog and the many other digest mags that allowed pros and neophytes alike to publish their treasures. I could go on and on, and probably will later! For now, I shall start building and posting materials for your enjoyment.